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5 Inspirational and Motivational Workout Shirts

Posted on September 07 2018

5 Inspirational and Motivational Workout Shirts

5 Inspirational and Motivational Workout Shirts

We at ExaltFit understand that developing a sound fitness routine can be challenging. We also believe that with some determination and plenty of faith in Him that we can achieve just about anything (Philippians 4:13). That is why we design all our Christian athletic gear with a couple things in mind: that it is both comfortable and glorifying to God and that it inspires you not only to strive for strength of the body but strength in your faith as well. Below we will look at some of our favorite inspirational and motivational workout shirts our collection has to offer.

1. Stay Humble Modern Tee

Stay Humble Christian t

    This simple but stylish t-shirt shares an important message that is easy to forget in our quest for fitness: that no matter how strong we may become, we must also remember to practice humility. It references one of our favorite verses from Luke, which reminds us that staying humble pleases God. Even after we reach our fitness goals and have seen our hard work pay off, we can take comfort in knowing that the greatest rewards come from Him. This shirt is not only great for working out, it is also comfortable enough to wear everywhere from the grocery store to the library--or even just at home if you so choose.

    2. Commit Focus Finish Modern Tee

    Faith Focus Finish Christian Shirt 

    This sleek tee emphasizes the importance of taking action for your fitness in three concrete steps: Commit, Focus, and Finish. By committing, we are telling ourselves that we believe in the greatness God has bestowed upon us. When we focus, we have chosen to keep our eyes toward the goal. Finally, we make it to the finish line. You might notice that faith sits in the center of these three steps, as it should. We should aim to honor Him in everything we do. This tee reminds us and others of this wherever we go.

    3. Patience Persistence Twist Tank

    Determination Motivational Twist Tank Top

    One of ExaltFit’s essential pillars is determination. We illustrate this through much of our Christian workout gear, and this semi-fitted tank is no different. This tank succinctly breaks down our idea of determination into three basic steps: patience, persistence, and perspiration. These three things are essential as you progress in your journey toward stronger body and spirit. Sure, you might not literally perspire as you exercise your faith. You will, however, note the effort you put into always trusting Him. This tank will remind you of this whenever you feel discouraged.

    4. Strength - Vintage Tee

    The Lord is My Strength Tee

    This casual tee presents a straightforward but poignant message: that no matter what we do or how far we stray, our Lord is always there to provide us with unmatched strength. Here, we even cite Psalm 28:7, which tells us that God is our “strength and shield.” When we put our faith in Him, He guides us--whether we are at church, at work, or at the gym. Wear this shirt to any of those places to keep this sentiment alive.

    5. Perseverance Rose Window

    Perseverance Active Faith Tank

    This shirt bursts not only with style and character, it also reminds of the importance of perseverance. With the intricate rose design beaming from the center, it is hard not to take your eyes off this one and remember His Grace. Wear this shirt on your next run, at the gym, or just to get work done around the house.

    Looking for more inspirational Christian workout gear? Check out our collection at ExaltFit!


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