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From Reflection to Motivation: Clothes That Inspire

Posted on September 13 2018

The Lord is My Strength t shirt

From Reflection to Motivation: Clothes That Inspire

When you choose an outfit for working out, your initial concern is likely comfort: how the clothes will fit on your body as you run or jump, how they will keep your body cool, and so on. You might not think much about how your choice in clothing might affect your motivation and in turn your performance. At Exalt, we know how important it is to dress the part. That is why we want to provide you with Christian workout gear that both glorifies God and makes you want to be the very best you can be. In this article, we will look at some of our favorite workout clothes that best illustrate what we are all about.

Endure Vintage Wash Tank

Endure Motivational work out tank 

At Exalt, we believe strongly in the power of perseverance. In fact, perseverance is one of our five pillars. Perhaps no article of clothing better celebrates this essential principle of fitness and faith than our stylish Endure Perseverance Tank. Loose-fitting and bold in design, this tank is perfect for any exercise, whether you plan on embarking on a long run or just taking a peaceful stroll around the neighborhood. That succinctly motivational verb endure is the centerpiece of this tank, reminding you and all passersby the importance of keeping on even as your breath grows heavier and the sun hotter.

Faith Fitness Joggers

Faith fitness joggers

Looking for a pair of pants that will not only fit you perfectly but also inspire you to live your faith with passion, whether you are going for a jog or just running to the grocery store? If so, these faith fitness joggers are for you. Made from quality French terry fabric, these joggers are designed to hold up to even the most rigorous exercise routine--and they boast a sleek look in the process. Faith is written in elegant gold lettering on the side, always there to remind you what you are truly running toward: a stronger trust in Him.

Live With Purpose Twist Tank Top

Faith Twist Tank top

It is important to always know how much you are valued--by yourself, by others, and of course by Him. What better way to push yourself to always live with purpose than with this comfortable tank? Its lightweight design makes it ideal for lengthy workouts that guarantee a lot of sweat. Not to mention, it illustrates a poignant point more clearly than most Christian workout gear: the importance of living not only with purpose but also with your faith at your side.

Looking for more stylish workout gear that not only helps you perform your best but also highlights your faith? Be sure to browse our full collection at ExaltFit.


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