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How do You Live Your Faith in Everyday Life?

Posted on August 29 2018

How do You Live Your Faith in Everyday Life?

How do You Live Your Faith in Everyday Life?

Your faith is not your best Sunday dress--that is, you should not take it off and hang it up until the next time you go to church. It should be more than something you wear on the outside to prove your righteousness. Rather, your faith should be inseparable from you as you strive to live it daily. Rest assured, however: living your faith takes practice. The more you do it, the more naturally it will come to you. Not sure where to begin? Read on for some tips for living your faith in your everyday life.

Aim for Perseverance, not Necessarily Perfection

During trying times, no matter how strong your faith may seem, you grow weary. This in turn eats away at your motivation. Perhaps at one point, running a mile twice a day felt essential to your well-being; now, just getting out of bed requires effort. Maybe you stopped seeing the value in your work and have begun to let your performance slip. In such cases, you might beat yourself up. After all, we are often so tied up with our need to be exceptional that we leave our faith out of the equation entirely. As a result, we stall in our tracks.

What your faith can provide you is the will to persevere--that is, to always reach higher. Staying idle will not benefit your faith, sadly. It may make you feel comfortable temporarily--but your faith will atrophy rather than strengthen. It is important to remember: living your faith will not make you a perfect person. Your job is not to be perfect. It is to persist--whether that is at work or during recreation. To get yourself motivated, you might try finding clothes that fit the mood you hope to achieve--like Exalt’s quality Christian athletic apparel.

Put Others Before Yourself

As a Christian, you likely understand the importance of being selfless, whether that is by donating food to the needy or by offering to help a struggling friend with meals and housework. But putting others before yourself does not end with charity. When you live your faith, you must also put others before yourself in your everyday interactions.

For instance, next time your friend seems down, take a moment not only to listen to her but also to engage with her so that she understands she is not alone. Perhaps even offer to do something fun with her: like going on a picnic or a quiet stroll in the park.

Take Care of Your Body

You have heard it repeatedly but it is worth re-stating again and again: your body is a temple. What better way to live your faith than by treating your body like the sacred dwelling place it is? You can do this by eating nourishing foods and sleeping adequately, of course. You can also develop a sound fitness regimen that fits your needs. You might start simply by stretching a couple times a day or enjoying a nice walk around the neighborhood after work. Always remember to stay hydrated and do not forget to dress appropriately and comfortably.

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Take Care of Your Mind

After discussing the importance of caring for others, we must stress something equally important: that it is okay to think about yourself sometimes, especially when it comes to your health--both physical and mental.

Living your faith is important, but you cannot do that with all your heart if you feel distraught, anxious, or exhausted. Taking the time to acknowledge your needs will allow you to portray yourself as a person of faith with more joy and vigor.

Take the Time to Pray

Most Christians understand the importance of prayer, but how many actively take time out of their day to pray? Some even think of prayer only as a call for help in times of need or as a quick muttering of thanks before meals. But prayer can be so much more to a person who strives daily to live her faith. You might pray to learn more about yourself and your relationships with others, what you need personally and you can offer those you love the most.

If you want to become more active in prayer, start small. Take at least five minutes out of your day and sit someplace quiet. You do not have to say anything even; just allow yourself to think. As you grow more comfortable, consider keeping a prayer journal. You can record anything you find important: your hopes for yourself, your hopes for others, your fears, your goals as a person of faith. With time, prayer will be something of an instinct.

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