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How to Cultivate Belief in Yourself Through Fitness

Posted on November 01 2018

How to Cultivate Belief in Yourself Through Fitness

How to Cultivate Belief in Yourself Through Fitness

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or someone who’s thinking about swapping out that bag of potato chips for some starter dumbbells, you should know that fitness is about much more than just keeping the body in shape. Living a fitness-oriented way isn’t just something you do at the gym and forget about the rest of the time; it’s a lifestyle, and it can also play a huge role in your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Exalt’s activewear is created by athletes for athletes, and each Exalt piece is inspired by Five Pillars of fitness that speak to the deeper meaning and holistic benefits of staying physically active and healthy.  

Exalt believes that understanding and tending to your relationship with a higher power is an essential part of attaining success in athletic endeavors and in your personal life. This philosophy is reflected in their clothing and is central to their mission of helping athletes to flourish. Let’s dive deeper into the Five Pillars and explore how you can cultivate self-confidence through fitness.

Belief through Strength

Strength is important for any athlete, but it involves so  a lot more than just how much you can bench. Strength is as mental and emotional as it is physical when it comes to your fitness. Summoning strength through a higher power can be an important part of any athlete’s journey to success inside and outside the competitive arena. If we have faith that something greater is guiding us and always has our back, we can ask for more strength when our personal reserves run dry.

Belief through Faith

It’s crucial that athletes believe in themselves, but in order to reach your maximum potential, you have to believe in something bigger. Our God isn’t just with us when things are going well; He is ever-present, today, tomorrow, always. With faith in God, you can achieve anything and make the impossible possible. Spiritual faith and self-belief are a potent combination that can inspire you to achieve any dream you set your mind to.

Belief through Determination

Even the best athletes have to deal with losses, failures, and setbacks at times. But if you’re determined, the ultimate success is the only thing that matters. Being an athlete requires plenty of practice, discipline, and focus. It’s easiest to make strides in your fitness when you have an end goal in mind. Setting concrete fitness goals helps you channel your determination in a purposeful direction and keep your eyes on the prize.

Belief through Perseverance

Once you feel determined, the next step is to leverage all of those positive feelings into a victory. Victories can come in many forms: on a scoreboard, a personal record, or something more internal and intangible. Whatever the case, persevering is the final and most important step in achieving your goals. No matter what, always keep running the race. No matter what you might find in your path, it is always possible to continue, to overcome, and to anticipate victory.

Belief through Believing

If you possess physical and spiritual strength, faith that a higher power will see you through even the most challenging ordeals, determination in overcoming obstacles, and perseverance in achieving your goals to completion, then you have all the tools you need to believe in yourself as an athlete and as a person. You should feel confident that your talents have been given to you for a purpose, and that it is your calling to use them.

Bringing it All Together

Most athletes have probably thought about how strength, faith, determination, perseverance, and self-belief factor into their performance individually, but Exalt’s Five Pillars bring all of those concepts together to create a unique new look at the relationship between fitness and holistic well-being. When athletes are wearing Exalt clothing, they receive a constant sense of positive reinforcement, and there’s nothing more important to athletes than being reminded of their talent, potential, and mental strength when it’s time to compete.

To see how Exalt clothing can help you take your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness to the next level with The Five Pillars, visit their website and find the look that speaks to you.


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