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The Top Factors to Consider when Choosing Athletic Apparel

Posted on September 19 2018

Christian Athletic Apparel

The Top Factors to Consider when Choosing Athletic Apparel

As summer comes to an end and the days grow colder, shorter, and wetter, you might begrudge having to put away your favorite warm-weather clothing. Rest assured: you do not have to sacrifice comfort and style for warmth and practicality this fall and winter. In this article, we will look at some of the things you should consider as you shop for new season-appropriate athletic gear.

Pay close attention to clothing material.

The sun might not beat down on you as intensely as it had in June, but that does not mean that you should stop letting your skin breathe. No matter what it looks like outside, a dedicated athlete is going to sweat. You want to make sure that any clothing you choose draws sweat away from your body rather than promotes it to accumulate.

If you anticipate a lot of sweat, consider clothing made from polyester or spandex. These materials can help regulate your body temperature. Fortunately, Exalt Fit offers many polyester tees to suit your Christian athletic wear needs.

Understand what you need to perform your best.

As you can imagine, dedicated athletes need to focus on more than comfort when choosing suitable gear. You also need to consider what you will expect your body to do. That way, you can choose clothing that works with your every movement rather than against it. For instance, you will probably want to avoid lengthy pants for biking and running.

If sweating is not such a major concern, you might consider embracing cotton for ultimate comfort. This especially holds true if you plan to do a lot of stretching or walking. Cotton excels at conforming to the shape and movement of your body. Our selection of athletic wear uses only high-quality cotton, selected to ensure that you perform in both confidence and comfort.

Always keep your safety and health in mind.

No matter how hard you desire to push yourself, it is important to remember that your overall well-being comes first. After all, how can you be the best version of you if you are sick or hurt? As you shop around for athletic apparel, consider what type of clothing will reduce your risk of injury and protect you from the elements.

This will be especially important when it starts to snow and the temperature regularly hovers around zero. You should select clothing that is not only warm and that fits appropriately but also covers your arms and legs so that you do not get frostbitten. You might also consider layering clothing, especially if you plan on exercising in the very early morning or after dark.

Additionally, make sure that you invest in a sturdy pair of shoes and that they fit you properly. Shoes that are too small will rub against your skin, causing painful blisters and sores. Shoes that are too big will be difficult to move around in, which can lead to sprains and even falls. As a general rule, you want to select shoes that suit your type and level of activity. For example, if your sport requires you to do a lot of jumping, you will want to choose shoes that are adequately cushioned to support a sound landing.

Wear clothing that you find attractive and inspiring.

Top performance depends upon more than your skill level and the quality of your equipment. You also need to be confident in yourself and trust that God will guide you even through the impossible. What better way to promote confidence than to wear clothing that makes you feel good both on the inside and on the outside?

At ExaltFit, we specialize in Christian athletic gear that not only fits right but that is also stylish and uplifting. If your faith means a lot to you, we have a shirt for you to express just that. If you always want to remind yourself and your teammates to stay determined even when the odds seemed to stack against you? We have the perfect selection for you as well!

Visit us today to explore our extensive collection of tees, sweatpants, and tanks!


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