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Turning Fear into a Motivation

Posted on October 25 2018

Turning Fear into a Motivation

Turning Fear into a Motivation

When you are running on the road toward productivity and success, fear can be your biggest roadblock. Every human being alive knows what it is like to experience fear. Whether a person’s journey to growth and success has been halted by a fear of failure, a fear of judgement, a fear of getting hurt, or any countless amount of other worries, fear has a way of stopping us all in our tracks.

When you freeze, shutdown, give in, or otherwise react negatively because you are afraid, you can prevent yourself from accomplishing the personal, professional, and physical goals you wish to achieve in life. Rather than letting fear demolish your hopes and dreams, you should practice ways to turn your fear into motivation that will push you to grow and reach your objectives.

If we truly want to become the best versions of ourselves, we need to go from being paralyzed by fear to being willing and able to allow fear to propel us toward growth. Here are some ways to use this perceived weakness as an advantage to help us to become our best selves:

Acknowledge Fear

Instead of feeling discouraged when we are afraid or trying to run from fear, we need to acknowledge the fact that we are worried and face our fears head on. Actively trying to push fear away instead of dealing with it actually gives our worries and anxieties more power and control in our lives. Before we can address the concerns that are causing us to be afraid, we need to be aware of our fear in the first place.

Once you acknowledge your fears, you can start figuring out the root of these anxieties. By figuring out where these issues stem from, you can start taking steps to ameliorate your worries and address the real issues at the heart of your fears. For instance, your fear of giving presentations or physically performing in front of others might actually stem from an inner insecurity about not being knowledgeable or skilled enough to perform well.  

When you know the true cause of your fears, instead of automatically dreading public speaking or performing in a sporting event, you can take action steps to make yourself feel adequately prepared and practice until you are confident with your skill level.

It is only when you figure out the root of your fear, can you then take care of the underlying cause. With the right amount of determination, you can overcome any fear present in your life. Accept your fear stay determined that you will conquer it, and you will find yourself more motivated than ever to take on any doubts or challenges that stand in your way.

Stay Positive

When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by fear, it can help to focus on the positive. Oftentimes fear robs us of our appreciation and gratitude for what we have already accomplished, which can make us feel stuck like our goals are unattainable.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to reach a personal goal that you set for yourself, remind yourself of how far you have come since you first started working toward your goal. Instead of wallowing in fear that you will not be able to run that marathon for which you have been training, take the time to appreciate all of the practice that you put in already and note how much farther you can run now then you could when you first started training.

When you acknowledge and are grateful for progress you have already made, you will be motivated to continue to put in the work necessary to accomplish your goals. Whenever you feel afraid, use that feeling as a reminder to focus on the positive. Staying positive and appreciating your past success will remind you that you have the strength and capability of reaching your goals, even if it does not seem like it in the present moment.

Focus on Your Goals

When you find yourself weighed down by fear, you can find strength and motivation to succeed when you shift your focus to your goals. While it is important to acknowledge your fears, you should not spend all of your time staring at the hurdle in your path.

Set your eyes on the prize, and persevere, believing that you will reach the finish line no matter what comes in your path. When you feel yourself giving too much weight to your worries, remind yourself that these anxieties are only trying to hold you back, and push even harder toward your goal. When you are focused on your goals, you fears will not seem as big or consuming, and you will be able to move forward toward personal and physical growth.

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