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What it Means to be Grateful

Posted on November 16 2018

What it Means to be Grateful

What it Means to be Grateful

If you’re an athlete, being grateful for your talents and skills can lead you on a path toward better performance. An athlete who is grateful for his or her gifts is more likely to feel motivated in making better use of those gifts. If you take your talents for granted, you may not be willing to explore the full extent of how you can maximize them as you train and compete. Let’s take some time to understand what it really means to be grateful and how it can translate to your athletic performance.

The Five Pillars

ExaltFit’s Five Pillars can help you understand how gratefulness ties into an athlete’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These pillars are Strength, Faith, Determination, Believe, and Perseverance. Each one of these pillars captures a specific characteristic of Exalt Fit’s ethos and its relationship to your participation in your favorite sport or activity. By exploring the Five Pillars in detail, you’ll gain an understanding of how Exalt Fit’s clothing and mission can help you transform yourself into a better, more mindful, and well-rounded athlete.

Gratefulness through Strength

Strength is, in part, something you’re born with, and it’s always good to be grateful for the natural gifts that have been given to you by your creator. That being said, there are also other types of strength that can be cultivated over time. Mental, emotional, and spiritual strength are all intangible; they can’t be measured on a scale or in the weight room.

Internal strength is fortified through a humble attitude and a grateful heart. Internal strength is more like your armor than your sword -- it may not be flashy or demonstrative, but it quietly and effectively provides you protection from the threats and challenges you may face. Exalt Fit’s clothing helps you to project strength while supporting you even in the moments when you don’t feel strong.

Gratefulness through Faith

Faith is the basis for all of the other Pillars that guide Exalt Fit’s creators and athletes. Those who have faith in God have good reason to feel confident in all they do. People with faith believe that they can hit goals and achieve great victories with the help of God’s grace and strength.  

Faith can also inoculate you against the negative feelings and worry that come with defeat. It is inevitable that everyone will fail sometimes, but with faith that the strength of God will guide us through even the darkest times, there is never reason to feel too hard on yourself. Have faith that other opportunities are always coming your way and be grateful when times are good.

Gratefulness through Determination

You won’t be able to reach the goals you set out to achieve unless you feel a sense of determination every step of the way. Just as God is determined to love and support His children, you too must feel determined to love and support those around you no matter what gets in the way.

Performing as an athlete helps you share your love and support for others through the inspiration of your God-given gifts and your maximum effort.  Showing a determined and grateful attitude at all times allows you to point those who want to follow your example toward a Godly life.

Gratefulness through Believe

Believing deeply in God is a must for any Christian athlete, and we should be grateful for the benefits that belief brings. The word “believe” and its variants are thrown around so often in life -- and in reference to so many things and situations -- that you may grow desensitized to it after a while.

It’s important, though, to block out the distractions and stay focused on the belief that truly matters: your belief in God. Only then will you be able to feel the true extent of your purpose and meaningfulness in life. A life that helps and serves other is inspired first and foremost by belief. 

Gratefulness through Perseverance

Even the greatest athletes can’t lift the trophy every time. Perseverance helps you get through and be grateful for the moments when victory isn’t possible and turning your focus towards your future opportunities to be great. The secret is not just to be motivated by the end goal of winning, but to take pleasure and a sense of accomplishment from the mere act of trying. Going out there and giving your all every time is something to be grateful for in its own right, and Exalt Fit athletes know that this fuels their perseverance.

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